St Paul's, Bow Common


A&RMÉ are privileged to be appointed as architects to this seminal building by Robert Maguire and Keith Murray, completed in 1960. In 2013 St Paul's Bow Common was named 'Best Modern Church in the UK' by the National Churches Trust, EASA and the C20 Society.

Kelley Christ was engaged by St Paul’s Bow Common following the collapse of a section of the original two-tone woodwool panels used as the original decorative ceiling lining to the iconic high-level lantern.

Successive failures of the woodwool panels had been addressed in a piecemeal fashion over the past 60 years, but the inherent problems with the original detailing, specification of materials and microclimate issues could no longer be ignored and needed to be comprehensively addressed.

During the Heritage Lottery Funded Development Stage of this urgent repairs project, A&RMÉ worked closely with the Building Research Establishment [BRE}’s materials scientists and environmental diagnostics division to devise a robust repair strategy underpinned by a rigorous conservation philosophy.

The HLF funded Stage II Delivery Phase of the project completed in March 2016 with Principal Contractor Noble & Taylor.

The Vicar and Parochial Church Council of St Paul’s Bow Common

HLF Delivery October 2015 – March 2016


The scope of work for the project included:

  • Renewal of the wood wool ceiling to the lantern including new fixing method and details to mitigate the impact of condensation within the roof construction.

  • Renewal of coverings to the flat roof of the concrete slab to the Porch.

  • Concrete condition survey and repairs in connection with the above, and to the fascia of the aisle roofs to the principal entrance.

  • Replacement of the damaged roof lights to the Vestry with new to reference original detail with improved environmental performance.

  • Redesign of rainwater dispersal arrangement from the Hall Roof to eliminate ponding.

  • Repair of the existing pitch-fibre rainwater pipes set within the cavities of the brickwork walls to the aisles using cure-in place resin liners.

  • Renewal of the below ground drainage installation.

  • Re-surfacing the Forecourt of the church to improve surface water run-off.

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