Southwark Cathedral


Kelley Christ, of A&RME, is currently appointed Cathedral Architect for Southwark Cathedral. The responsibilities of this role include inspections of 5 year intervals, design & specification of any conservation led repair work, and any necessary alterations. Kelley is also consulted over any activities which may impact on the Cathedral and its environs.

Recently, Kelley Christ has focussed on two different aspects of architectural activity across Southwark Cathedral: a Cathedral wide campaign of replacing aged lead & copper roof coverings, and investigations into the Cathedral’s collection of monuments.

A&RME have received grant funding from the First World War Cathedral Repair Fund, together with the Wolfson Foundation and the Cathedral Fabric Commission for England, & the Headley Trust. This has allowed three phases of the re-roofing programme of Southwark Cathedral to become a reality. Whilst the leaking lead roofs of the Victorian nave were initially prioritized, the more historic East end of the Cathedral has become the renewed focus.

With the renewing of the copper roof coverings, upgraded rainwater disposal, & significant masonry repairs, this means that A&RME will be carrying out the first masonry conservation of Southwark Cathedral since the Millennium project.

The project is due to commence in August 2017.


The Dean & Chapter of Southwark Cathedral, London Bridge

Contract Period: 
from September 2014 – current

Listed Status:
Grade I



In Progress:

  • Recovering of the Choir Roof, & masonry repairs to external walls of the Choir and Retrochoir.
  • Preparation of a Stone Policy for the East end of Southwark Cathedral.
  • Condition Assessment & conservation of the medieval polychrome decoration to the North transept arch which was recently awarded with a grant from The Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust.

  • Development of an Access Strategy and Masterplan for the Cathedral Precinct.

  • Representation of the West entrance to Lancelot Link, to include new ramp, stairs, & inscribed paving to better welcome those to the Cathedral via creating an accessible entrance.

Recently Completed Projects:

  • Renewal of the Library Lighting;
  • Concept design for the renewal of external lighting installation with consultants Light Perceptions

  • Recovering of the Nave Aisle Roof, Harvard Chapel & North Transept.

  • Recovering the Nave Roof & masonry repairs to the tower & parapets in connection.
  • 12 months environmental monitoring by Tobit Curteis Associates.